2018-03-24T01:03:51Zhttps://researchdata.sfu.ca/oai2sfu_anthropologyAnthropology Anthropology sfu:anthropology sfu_appliedsciencesApplied Sciences Applied Sciences sfu:appliedsciences islandora_260Archaeology Archaeology islandora:260 islandora_biologyBiology Biology islandora:biology sfu_businessBusiness Business sfu:business islandora_283Canada's Early Women Writers Canada's Early Women Writers This collection is comprised of the research data and born-digital product of the enhanced version of Canada's Early Women Writers project. PI: Dr. Carole Gerson, English islandora:283 sfu_chemistryChemistry Chemistry sfu:chemistry islandora_2140City of Vancouver Intangible Transit Costs City of Vancouver Intangible Transit Costs Intangible cost of transportation modes (walking, cycling, transit, and driving) within the City of Vancouver. INPUT DATA SOURCES City of Vancouver. (2015a). Local Area Boundaries. Retrieved May 1, 2015, from http://data.vancouver.ca/datacatalogue/localAreaBoundary.htm City of Vancouver. (2015b). Bikeways. Retrieved May 1, 2015, from http://data.vancouver.ca/datacatalogue/bikeways.htm GeoBC. (2015). Digital Road Atlas (DRA) - Demographic Partially-Attributed Roads. Retrieved September 15, 2015, from https://catalogue.data.gov.bc.ca/dataset/digital-road-atlas-dra-demographic-partially-attributed-roads Metro Vancouver. (2015). Land Use. Retrieved May 1, 2015, from http://www.metrovancouver.org/data Statistics Canada. (2011a). Dissemination Area Boundary Files (92-169-X). Retrieved May 1, 2015, from http://www12.statcan.gc.ca/census-recensement/2011/geo/bound-limit/bound-limit-2011-eng.cfm TransLink. (2015). General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). Retrieved May 1, 2015, from https://developer.translink.ca/ServicesGtfs/GtfsData ------------------------------ Mapping Software: QGIS. (2016). http://www.qgis.org/ Analysis Software: The PostGIS Development Group. (2015). PostGIS. Victoria, B.C. Retrieved from http://postgis.net/ The PostgreSQL Global Development Group. (2016). PostgreSQL. Retrieved from https://www.postgresql.org/ R Core Team. (2016). R: A language and environment for statistical computing. Vienna, Austria: R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Retrieved from https://www.rproject.org/ islandora:2140 islandora_52Cognitive Science Cognitive Science islandora:52 sfu_communicationCommunication Communication sfu:communication islandora_109Computational Logic Lab Computational Logic Lab The complete National Hockey League play-by-play data from 2001-2014 as provided by nhl.com. The format are MySQL tables. Note: Before 2007, the data is not well standardized and does not include complete information about which players were on the ice at a given time. islandora:109 eng islandora_108Computing Science Computing Science islandora:108 eng sfu_contemporaryartsContemporary Arts Contemporary Arts sfu:contemporaryarts sfu_criminologyCriminology Criminology sfu:criminology islandora_385Data Files Data Files islandora:385 islandora_464Earth Sciences Earth Sciences islandora:464 islandora_74Economics Economics islandora:74 sfu_educationEducation Education sfu:education sfu_engineeringEngineering Engineering sfu:engineering islandora_279English English islandora:279 1147167947